PanzerTeam Denmark Club Events

2018 Activities:

Battle Weekend will take place in Sweden in May

Battle Weekend at Hausen am Bach near Nurenberg in July

Museum visit in May - most likely in Sweden also as the museum at Munster in Germany is being rebuild

Monthly team meetings every second Thursday of every month

Next Battle will take place on Feb 27 2013 at H1630

Next Modding day will be 9. February at Martin place. We are meeting at 1800 in the garage.

Remember to wear warm clothes. We will order pizza at 1900 so dont eat at home

Next Modding day will be 13. January at Commander Vølers place

Next Battleday will be Saturday October 25. 2009


Battle area will be decided

Next Battleday will be Saturday August 15. 2009

Battle area will be Trylleskoven close to Thomas

Battle Weekend at Commander Jensen's farm area 13+14 June 2009

PanzerTeam Denmark visit Munster PanzerMuseum 30+31 May 2009

Battle Evening in Fredensborg area 14 May 2009 17.00 - 20.00

Next Battleday will be Sunday 5 April 2009


Pictures are now uploaded into the Battleday Pictures area
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