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Site updated 6. September 2018


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Welcome to PanzerTeam Denmark
the place to be for 1:6 & 1:16 scale tanks

Battle Weekend in Sweden will take place June 29 to July 1 - pictures are added

Saturday 7. July 2018 PanzerTeam visits Hässleholm museum in Sweden 
PanzerTeam Denmark meets with fellow rc tankers from Sweden at the millitary museum for at day full of rc tank fun - pictures are added

Hausen am Bach is now booked for july 2018 and we look forward to visit fellow tankers. Armortek is also visiting the event that is to take place 21-22 July 2018. More than 60 large scale tanks is gathered for the weekend - pictures are uploaded :-) videos on youtube channel steenvoeler is also available

Arsenalen Nordic Panzer Meeting mid August 2018
PanzerTeam Denmark visited the Göteborg Hobby Exhibition march 24. 2018, where we had a meeting with our swedish friends and we have an agreement to coordinate a Danish-Swedish panzer meeting summer 2018. More details to come. In the meanwhile - take a look at the pictures from the exhibition, where there is not only tanks, but also many other exiting stuff.

Panzermuseum East  - Large Scale Panzer Battle Area
PanzerTeam Denmark and has now agreed that an area of 2000 square meters wil lbe the future battle driving area for PanzerTeam Denmark.
We aim to host a large scale panzer event in September 2019

A seperate section of the panzer field build-up, will be posted in a seperate section of the website

More to come - stay tuned - we will start the work in otober 2018

Tiger Day X at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset 15. September 2018 is now booked with premium tickets. This means that we get a special treatment at the museum for the whole day :-)

2018 generel activities are:
  • Battledays
  • Workshops
  • Visits at Munster in may 2018
  • Battle Weekend in Sweden June 2018
  • Nordic Battle Weekend at Arsenalen- Sweden in August
  • Visit at Hausen am Bach july 2018, where Armortek also will be present with the new owners Monique and Kian
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