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Site updated 17. October 2019


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Welcome to PanzerTeam Denmark

the place to be for 1:6 scale tanks

Generel Information about PanzerTeam Denmark

We are a rc-club that builds large 1:6 scale tanks primarely from World War 2. The club started back in 2005 where we "played" with the small 1:16 scale tanks - at the time it was Heng Long Tigers and PanTigers (you know what a PanTiger is if you ever had one - the worst try to build a panther on a Tiger chassis from Heng Long).

Since then the club has evolved into a highly specialized 1:6 scale tank club, where we machine our own parts when needed, coding control boards, 3D-Print scale items as Maybach enginges etc etc - the list goes on and on.

We do accept new members, but since 1:6 scale is not that common in Denmark (yet) we are 8 members now.

Activities at Panzerteam Denmark are:

  • Battledays
  • Workshops
  • Visits at Munster and other tanks museums around the globe
  • Battle Weekends where we camp and enjoy the tanks and each others company
  • Nordic Battle Weekend at is schechuled to september 2020
  • Visit at Hausen am Bach in 2019  and 2020 for large scale panzer weekend is planned
PanzerTeam Denmark supports

2019 Activities:

Battle Weekend 13+14+15 September at Panzermuseum East - Panzer rolls again

Battle Weekend 5+6+7 July at Panzermuseum East

BattleDay at Panzermuseum East Thursday April 18th 

Battle Weekend 10+11+12 May at Panzermuseum East

BattleField work day 15. June - we did cut down 18 trees making more space for driving

Hausen am Bach is now booked for july 2019 and we look forward to visit fellow tankers. The event that is to take place 20-21 July 2019 have are already 15 x 1/4 scale Panzers coming and there will be more than 40 x 1/6 scale tanks gathered for the weekend.

Generel Information

Panzermuseum East  - Large Scale Panzer Battle Area
PanzerTeam Denmark and has agreed that an area of 2000 square meters wil lbe the future battle driving area for PanzerTeam Denmark.
We aim to host a large scale panzer event in September 2019

A seperate section of the panzer field build-up, will be posted in a seperate section of the website

More to come - stay tuned - we will start the work in otober 2018

Activities at Panzerteam Denmark are:

  • Battledays
  • Workshops
  • Visits at Munster
  • Battle Weekends
  • Nordic Battle Weekend at
  • Visit at Hausen am Bach july 2019 for large scale panzer weekend
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