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Site updated 5. July 2022


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Welcome to PanzerTeam Denmark

the place to be for 1:6 scale tanks


Generel Information about PanzerTeam Denmark

We are a rc-club that builds large 1:6 scale tanks primarely from World War 2. The club started back in 2005 where we "played" with the small 1:16 scale tanks - at the time it was Heng Long Tigers and PanTigers (you know what a PanTiger is if you ever had one - the worst try to build a panther on a Tiger chassis from Heng Long).

Since then the club has evolved into a highly specialized 1:6 scale tank club, where we machine our own parts when needed, coding control boards, 3D-Print scale items as Maybach enginges etc etc - the list goes on and on.

Generel Information

Panzermuseum East  - Large Scale Panzer Battle Area

PanzerTeam Denmark and has agreed that an area of 2000 square meters wil lbe the future battle driving area for PanzerTeam Denmark.
We host a large scale panzer event in September 2022

A seperate section of the panzer field build-up, is posted in a seperate section of the website

Activities at Panzerteam Denmark are:
  • Battledays
  • Workshops
  • Visits at Munster
  • Battle Weekends
  • Nordic Battle Weekend at
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